A HEALTHY spine produces a healthy nervous system and better OVERALL health.

Just like it is impossible to be healthy when you’re dehydrated; It is physically impossible to perform at your highest level with an unhealthy spine. Spinal health is measured by alignment and intersegmental movement between each vertebra or bone that makes up your spine. People rarely receive proper education about how to evaluate and maintain the life-long health of their spine and nervous system making the spine one of the most ignored systems when it comes to health. Most medical professionals and healthcare practitioners are not trained to evaluate or address spinal health.

Certainly, Chiropractic care is important for adults; but why would you only care for the adult spine and ignore your babies?

There is a widespread popular belief that Chiropractic care is only good for adults. That’s like saying that eating healthy and exercising regularly is only beneficial for adults. Sure, adults are more concerned about those activities than younger individuals, but it doesn’t mean that our children don’t need to be eating right and exercising everyday!

Research from nearly 30 years ago began proving that even babies have specific spinal curvature that enables appropriate neurological communication between the brain and body. Most doctors have been taught that spinal curvature develops as babies become toddlers and progresses through early childhood. Medical research from 1977 proved that even babies still in the womb have already begun to develop specific curvature in their spine.

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Structural engineers all agree that the arc is the most stable architectural structure.

Almost all bridges are built with arcs because of their load bearing stability. This is why I laugh when someone says they “Don’t believe in Chiropractic”. All that means is that they don’t understand the laws of gravity and somehow believe that their body’s defy mechanical stress. Huh?

The same principle applies to every healthy human spine. Abnormal wear and tear and stress will accelerate breakdown and degeneration. That’s a fact. Science and research proves that babies begin to develop a strong structural spinal curvature in-utero months prior to being born. Research from the 1977 Journal of Anatomy stated that, “Even babies should be born with a neck curve. If they do not have one, it is likely that birth trauma straightened the spinal curves.”

Chiropractic adjustments help keep the spine moving and aligned properly so the central nervous system can deliver and receive the precise information traveling to and from the brain.

Children and infants need Chiropractic care more than anyone.

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It is much easier to grow healthy children than to fix broken adults. If the spine is mal-positioned early in life, the child will develop without optimum opportunity for health and function. A spine not positioned correctly will continue to get worse over time. Babies begin benefiting from Chiropractic care immediately after birth. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is NOW. The same principle applies to spine and nervous system evaluation for babies, children, and adults. The best opportunity for optimal health begins at childbirth. The second best time is NOW.