Health and Politics Do Not Mix Well

There's no question that Health, Healthcare Spending and Health Outcomes is an important issue among political discussions and debates at this critical moment in election history. Hilary, Trump and members of all political parties argue their points and lay out their plans they claim can revolutionize one of the most important topics in any culture: health. Health is your greatest asset; which means you should be focusing on improving your health every single day. How much health costs, access to care, results, and satisfaction are all major themes at the forefront of the healthcare debate. Unfortunately, when it comes to health and politics, the health we actually end up getting comes down to political clout.

Having only existed for less than 125 years, by all intents and purposes, Chiropractic is one of the newest and most proven forms of healing today. However, the majority still believe Chiropractic is only beneficial for the relief of neck or back pain. And because of this, chiropractic is rarely represented in a bright light for the value it can bring to an entire society. The basis for some of the negative publicity is diverse, but a specific event uncovered one of the most revealing reasons for why Chiropractic has not gained the most positive reputation over the last 40 years.

In the late 1980’s, the American Medical Association (AMA) was proven guilty by the supreme court for trying to eliminate and destroy the Chiropractic profession. Decades of false accusations were made by Medical Doctors and the AMA to destroy the Chiropractic profession. An entire committee was created by the AMA in an attempt to spread lies and hurt the reputation of Chiropractors and the profession. Supreme Court Judge Susan Getzendanner described the conspiracy as a ”systematic, long-term wrongdoing and the long-term intent to destroy a licensed profession’’. To this day, many Americans still believe that Chiropractors are quacks, or not real doctors, because of the initiatives put forth by the AMA to destroy the profession.

Watch this video for a short example of how medicine was taken over by political and monetary clout…

Chiropractic care saves you money and takes it away from Big Pharma

Researchers have been examining the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care versus conventional medicine and what they're finding demonstrates how chiropractic was able to survive the AMA's attempt at destroying the profession. A 2012 systemic review found spinal manipulation therapy to be more cost-effective for neck and low back pain when compared with general practitioner care, physiotherapy or exercise. Fortunately, the results achieved by chiropractic patients worldwide on a weekly basis have helped proved the true value and efficacy of chiropractic care.

A study published in 2007 spent more than 7 years studying a group of over 800 people in order to determine how effective chiropractic could be.

The study divided the subjects into two groups. One group used their medical doctor as their primary care provider (PCP) while the other group utilized a Chiropractor as their PCP. The results revealed that those who used the Chiropractor as their PCP experienced 60.2% less hospital admissions, spent 59.0% fewer days in hospitals, endured 62.0% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures, and spent 85% less in pharmaceutical costs when compared to the group using a medical doctor as their PCP.

These numbers are significant and occur each year for patients who utilize Chiropractic on a regular basis around the world. Chiropractic can help an individual or family save money while improving their health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic is A Smart, Safe & Effective Solution

This data is compelling and makes the argument that utilizing a Chiropractor as a primary health care provider accompanies significantly better health outcomes. Current research proves that implementing Chiropractic as a healthcare and lifestyle model not only helps the individual, but has the potential to change the entire landscape of society. Eighteen cents out of every dollar spent in America goes towards healthcare expenses. Over eighty percent of that money is spent on non-emergency and non-genetic chronic disease. Any strategy that provides natural solutions to this healthcare epidemic initiates revolutionary change.

Chiropractic is a strategy that more people in every society deserve to have more awareness of its true value and benefits. Education and awareness is the key. Awareness in the true value of Chiropractic is necessary for more people to achieve the great benefits available to them through regular Chiropractic care over a lifetime.