Waiting for Pain is Dumb.

When is the last time someone felt their arteries getting clogged?
Do you know anyone that has ever felt their Diabetes developing?
Did anyone ever complain about the blood clot that was developing prior to their stroke?

Did you know that Chiropractic care and aligning your spine is more than back pain relief?

Like all other diseases, most people wait for symptoms of “back problems” before seeking back pain relief or to get evaluated for alignment of the spine.  Yet, science has proven that “any misalignment” regardless of how you feel, is considered a health risk.  Researcher and Physiologist IM Korr states, “When the motion of intervertebral (Spinal) joints is even slightly amiss, there will be autonomic (organ) effects, with resulting circulatory, metabolic, and visceral repercussions.”

This means that small amounts of abnormal shifts in the spine will cause changes in our organs, blood flow, metabolism, respiration, digestion, hormone balance, et.

Dr. Korr himself experienced changes in his own health from spinal adjustments. When his health was slipping in his early 40's and he was treated by spinal adjustments. After one treatment he went for a walk and found an irresistible urge to break into a jog, which he hadn’t done in years. Soon he was breathing heavily and propped up against a tree when he took a deep breath in and felt his rib cage fully expand, literally tearing several small adhesions. Not only did Dr. Korr recommend spinal adjustment for back pain relief, but for other organ related ailments as well.

There have been countless studies done by medical, Chiropractic, and Osteopathic researchers published in the *Index Medicus on the scientific basis of subluxation or what is called a “Spinal lesion,” it’s negative impact on the central nervous system, and how it “Organizes disease.”

From that moment he described a transformation in his life!

chiropractic care for pain

Korr attributes his long life (lived into his mid 90’s) and prolonged intellectual activity to having received quality traditional osteopathic and chiropractic care. Korr passionately showed that the medical approach of glorifying the viscera, which are merely organs designed to maintain the musculoskeletal system (in his view), misunderstands the true nature of the human being.

He enjoyed pointing out that doctors and scientists of that time made the common error (when teaching and creating textbooks) of showing multitudes of nerve endings traveling to each internal organ but only a few scant branches connected to the joint and soft tissue in spinal joints, discs, and muscles attached directly to the vertebrae.

He would laugh as he described this was backwards, since the musculoskeletal system had 90% of the connections with the nervous system.

DO YOU HEAR THAT …..the spine and structure of the body have 90% of the connections to the brain and nervous system.

Roger Sperry, a nobel prize winner on brain research, said

“90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine”!!

Korr helped prove that the spine was much more than just a structure that helped us stand more erect and protected the spinal cord. He pointed out the importance of taking care of the “whole person” in healthcare instead of the reductionist viewpoint of picking out just a diseased organ or part shoving it full of pills or cutting it out all together.

The bottom line is that misalignments of the spine create a sort of stress that causes disease within the body. You will not feel this tiny amount of stress until it becomes so obviously apparent that you're deeply sick with it.

Don't wait for pain to make a choice in life.