The Truth About Supplements!

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If you're someone concerned with leading a healthy life, making use of supplements is actually stepping away from “natural living”, since we have access to the real source of every single vitamin, mineral and nutrients our body needs: Real Food!

Now, I agree that supplements are a great way to “supplement” nutrients with our diet as long as you understand that they will never replace what you eat every day.  In other words, your supplements are only as good as the FOOD you put into your mouth with them!  There are indeed some good supplements out there that are made from real food containing numerous vitamins and nutrients; but, there are many – MANY! – supplements in the market loaded with poisonous chemicals and synthetic nutrients that can end up taking you miles away from being healthy.

What to Avoid & What to look for:

First and most obvious, you must look for quality. Quality is not necessarily related to price but you shouldn't run off to the store and pick the least expensive vitamin you can find either. Quality is on the reputation of the brand, how the company puts the vitamin together and what the source of nutrients are. 

Avoid synthetic or synthetic isolate supplements. That means that the vitamins and/or minerals are only partial and combined with chemicals that are not so healthy for your body! 

Look at the label – always- and if you find the component Magnesium Stearate, run for the hills! This is the number one component to avoid in supplements! It contains many toxins since it is made from hydrogenating cottonseed oil and this type of oil has been found to have the highest concentrations of toxins and pesticide residues because cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops today. To make things worse, hydrogenated oils are molecularly altered in a process that involves a metal catalyst and the Magnesium Stearate is known to damage our immune system by impede the function of immune cells.

Before taking supplements, think twice about what you're taking. Make sure you know where they came from and how they are made. Make sure to find a trustworthy supplier and stick to it.  There are good natural healthy supplements out there, but you must make sure you found them. If you want to help you body, you better do it right!