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Every medical, anatomical and health related text will confirm that the central nervous system is the master control system of the human body. This means that every single function of your body is controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nerves.


Spine Health = Nerve Health = Total Health!

Nerve impulses travel from the brain, out to the spinal cord (protected by your spine) and out through nerves to all parts of the body. Nerve Impulses then return to the brain through return pathways.

Recent research has clearly shown that even activity that occurs at the cellular and molecular levels are controlled and coordinated by the Central Nervous System. At all biological levels (molecular, cellular, organ), communication between the brain and body is essential for health.

The Foundation of Health begins with a healthy Nervous System.

Therefore, anything that interferes with the nervous system also interferes with health and healing.  The primary cause of nerve interference is the spinal column Usually it’s because of abnormal spinal movement and misalignment.  When the spine is in its proper position, it protects the nerve pathways. However, when the spine becomes misaligned, interference to the nerves occur, which reduces the overall function of the nervous system and of that particular organ.

Subluxations Cause Nerve Interference.


Nerve disturbance caused by an unhealthy spine is called a vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxations are “Silent Killers” because they can be present for long periods of time without any evidence of pain or symptoms. This is the primary reason why “back pain” and spine disease is a leading cause of disability.

When the spine is misaligned or does not move properly, it begins to decay. This is similar to a cavity eating away at a tooth long before a toothache occurs. Subluxations irritate the nerves which interfere with the flow of nerve impulses reducing the body’s inherent natural healing ability.

Just like cavities are here to stay, and need to be addressed forever, Subluxations are a fact of life that to be checked, treated and corrected forever.

Chiropractors are Spine Experts trained at identifying and correcting subluxations. 

As long as you choose to get adjusted, you will get the benefits of a healthy spine and nervous system.