Stop Candida Naturally

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Did you know that you can Stop Candida Naturally?
Candida is a type of yeast that has quite the reputation for causing fungal infections. It is associated with thrush, vaginal yeast infections, nail infections, and skin and stomach issues. Candida is not entirely a bad thing; a small amount exists naturally in the human body. It doesn’t cause any issues until it becomes overgrown. This can be triggered by a number of things: high amounts of stress, using oral contraceptives, drinking large amounts of alcohol, eating a diet with a large quantity of refined carbohydrates and sugars, and using antibiotics that may kill the friendly bacteria that was keeping the Candida in check.

Once the amount of Candida in the body gets large and a fungal infection is present, it can definitely be less than pleasant. Without treatment, it can cause quite a few issues and be a monster to endure. The good news is – there are a few natural ways to get rid of a Candida infection.

Changing Diet
Diet plays a big role in Candida infections.  *Diet plays a role in every single disease, dysfunction or health problem that we ever experience!  Yeast feeds off refined carbohydrates and sugar. The more sugar and carbs in a diet, the harder it will be to get rid of Candida. Reducing the amount of fruit, grains, pasta, and other foods containing complex carbohydrates can reduce the amount of Candida in the body and help banish the infections. Alcohol should also be avoided as it promotes the growth of yeast and is counteractive to getting relief from a Candida infection.

There are many foods that can help control Candida levels. Onions, coconut oil, chamomile tea, apple cider vinegar, and ginger are all considered anti-fungal foods. Integrating them into the diet at the first sign of a Candida infection can hasten the recovery.

Adding more water consumption into the diet can also help. Water helps detoxify the body and can aid in lowering Candida levels, as well as helping to prevent overgrowth in the first place. Drinking two liters of water a day while also using other methods of treatment can help relief from the infection come quicker.

Lower Stress
High amounts of stress can greatly affect the way the body functions and lead to all sorts of issues, including an overgrowth of Candida. Taking it easy for a few days, meditating, and avoiding known sources of stress will help the body bounce back and get the amounts of Candida back down to a healthy level. In combination with changing diets and other methods, reducing stress can work wonders.

Probiotics, such as lactobacillus and bifidus, help keep the bacteria amounts balanced. Certain types of good bacteria keep Candida from becoming overgrown and using probiotics promotes a growth of these good bacteria. When dealing with Candida infections in the stomach, probiotics provide a protective lining in the stomach and prevent Candida growth. Probiotics are available in capsule form and also come in a drinkable yogurt form.
For treating vaginal yeast infections, probiotic capsules can be used as vaginal suppositories. Since vaginal yeast infections occur through the same problem of overgrowth as an infection in the stomach does, probiotics are just as effective for treatment.

Chiropractic care is in no way a cure for Candida, but just like water, oxygen and nutrients from food- it helps to build your body's defenses.  By making sure that your spine is in proper alignment, you ensure that the vital communication between your brain, spinal cord and nerves are operating as best as they can to allow for your body to heal optimally!