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Sexual frustration shortens lifespans, at least that's what a new study from University of Michigan shows.  The study found that when male fruit flies sense the pheromones of females who are ready to mate, but are then denied the opportunity to mate, they experience rapid deterioration in their ability to fend off starvation and increased susceptibility to stress – ultimately leading to shorter fruit fly lives.

On the other hand, when male fruit flies were allowed to mate, those same physiological effects were reversed, leading to longer lifespans.  These results give us an idea of how our perceptions of others and our environment can change chemical pathways involved in aging.

Yoga, treadmills, and weightlifting are all great ways to keep in shape. But the fact remains, sex is so beneficial to our health and rarely discussed. Sex has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and increase circulation. The heartbeat rises from 70 to 150 beats per minute. In fact, people who regularly indulge are half as likely to have heart attacks and strokes than those who don't have sex at all.

Sex is also wonderful for weight loss since 30 minutes will burn 200 calories! In addition sex calms food cravings because it stimulates the production of phenetylamine, a natural amphetamine that regulates the appetite.