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Rated One of The Best Austin Chiropractors In Central Texas

Family Health Chiropractic has become a trusted and respectable chiropractic practice for Austin families.

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One of Austin’s best chiropractic clinics conveniently located for North, Central and South Austin.

We accept all major medical insurance.

We are in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Medicare and Humana. We accept Cigna, and Aetna but are not in network. We also have cash plans that are very affordable in comparison to most other Austin chiropractic clinics.

Offering Corrective Chiropractic

One of Austin's Premier Corrective Chiropractic clinics welcomes all patients from South Austin, Central Austin, West Austin and North. Dr. Daniel is an experienced chiropractor offering total health including pain management for neck and back pain as well as sports medicine and family care.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez and his amazing team have built a wonderful community of healthy people who have been treated for a variety of injuries and conditions at his unique Austin Chiropractic facility. We have helped our patients overcome debilitating lower back pain, neck pain, scoliosis and sports injuries. We pride ourselves on creating personalized treatment plans to suit the individual. In addition to chiropractic care, our practice also offers nutritional counseling, physical rehabilitation, massage, sports injury treatment, and more.

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Dr. Daniel and his team at Family Health Chiropractic  have treated over 7,000 patients since 2007. We offer a full suite of solutions for any pain or discomfort you may be feeling, regardless of the condition you need us to treat. If you’re looking for the Best Austin Chiropractor – then we've got your back.

therapeutic exercise

Our Austin Texas Chiropractic clinic has become a leader in the field of physical medicine, posture rehab and corrective exercise.  We’ve treated sports injuries, personal injuries, post-surgical patients and everything from the casual weekend warrior athlete to elite, professional athletes.

myofascial therapy

Myofascial and various manual therapy techniques are additional services offered at our Austin chiropractic clinic. We recognize that your needs may go beyond chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. Dr. Daniel can provide gentle manual therapy to deep, controlled myofascial release proven to get immediate results.

nutrition therapy

Nutrition is a pillar for health and wellness. Our goal is to not simply treat your pain, but to ensure that you make changes towards a healthy lifestyle, no matter which other conditions you suffer from. Our nutritional counseling services include lab analysis, vitamin and mineral analysis, allergy testing, vitamins and weight loss programs and more.

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Everyone wants to feel their best. Unfortunately, very few people ever do. The problem with “feeling” good or “feeling” bad is that it is not a good representation of your current level of health. Chiropractic enhances the body's ability to heal. New studies show that just 1 chiropractic adjustment can boost brain function by up to 22%! So regardless of how you feel, chiropractic care and chiropractic adjustments are good for everyone and anyone who has a brain, spinal cord and spine! Our Austin Chiropractic office is successful because we don't just focus on how you feel; but how you function or perform. While many of our patients have come to us for neck pain, back pain and auto or car accident treatments, We have established ourselves as a premier Family Centered Austin Chiropractic Clinic.  Dr. Daniel Gonzalez has cared for thousands of individuals ranging from 2 weeks old to his oldest patient of 102 years!  Together, his new patients, existing patients and community have come to know him as the Austin Chiropractor to see.

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Call 512-347-8881 or  Click Here to Schedule

Dr. Daniel's services consist of simple yet effective adjustments that enhance the bodies ability to maintain an elevated state of mental and physical health. His primary goal is to help his patients move better, eat healthy and stay happy. Chiropractic care is just like exercise, important for everyone- not simply those that are sick or unhealthy! If you live in Austin and are looking for a chiropractic office that you can trust, then give us a call and schedule your next visit!

As a chiropractic clinic, we are here to help align your spine and nervous system that address a variety of conditions we treat.  Our chiropractic adjustments are gentle, specific, and affordable.  They are designed to restore normal movement of your spine and optimal function of your nervous system.

If you live in Austin, TX and surrounding areas and are interested in having a consultation or scheduling a Chiropractic examination, call us at 512-347-8881 or schedule online.  Following an initial evaluation, Dr. Daniel will discuss a plan for you and your family to obtain maximum wellness as well as encourage you to participate in any number of challenges, events, recipe nights, advanced workshops, and more all designed to help you easily and effectively apply health and wellness principles to your life.

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