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If there is one supplement that makes me cringe when patients tell me they're taking it, it has to be calcium. “Why do you take calcium?” I have to ask. “To build strong bones.”

I don't think it's working. As a nation we have the highest consumption of calcium supplements, yet the highest rates of osteoporosis. We also have the highest consumption of cow's milk and the highest rates of bone density issues. And we have the highest consumption of bone density drugs, yet still the highest rates of bone density issues along with a plethora (yup…a plethora) of side effects including rot jaw, osteonecrosis and even more brittle bones because of the drugs.

Seriously, Stop taking calcium or drugs to build bones, it's not working.  You're also probably getting more calcium than you think (unless that's actually part of the problem and your diet consists of the absolute wrong things with respect to bone health). Ingesting MORE to build bones works about as well as injecting steroids, sitting on the couch, and expecting your muscles to get really big.

It's like our health care system. We keep providing more “health care” yet we keep getting sicker. Stop the insanity.

If you're going to build strong bones, you're going to have to do 3 things:
1. Gain some weight.  Clarification… gain weight by building muscle or start doing weight bearing (lifting weights, jogging, jumping on a trampoline or standing on a vibration platform) exercises.

2. Get balanced.  With women it's all about the hormones!  If you have hormonal imbalances- the solution is not to take more drugs or soak yourself in calcium.  Basically you have underlying problems that need to be addressed and intoxicating yourself with nasty drugs or unnecessary supplements is not going to work!

3. Start dropping acid.  Yeah man…acid!  If you're body is too acidic, then you're bones will be forced to leach calcium to try and balance it out.  Harmful household chemicals, personal cosmetics and food are usually to blame for our high levels of acidity.  Processed foods, anything with artificial sugar, preservatives and flavoring will cause your body to become acidic. 

Chiropractic can help with Osteoporosis!

Chiropractors do not treat osteoporosis, but we are able to reduce some of the symptoms relating to spinal compression fractures, pain, flexibility and mobility.  Additionally, we offer important advice to help prevent further fractures and loss of bone density. We often identify compression fractures and osteoporosis on x-rays and we are able to advise patients to have further tests to establish the severity of the problem. 

If you or someone you know has concerns about Osteoporosis – contact our Austin Chiropractic office to learn more about natural osteoporosis treatment.