Don't accept out of hand the alarms raised by the same people who say your food is safe, Swine Flu and Ebola were going to kill us, vaccines are without costs, and the pharmaceutical industry is working for your benefit.

Just like we are all supposed to be dead from Ebola… ”The Measles” is comin to getcha! (Of course this is not true.) It's probably just MERCK's stock was dropping and someone decided the american public needed a little scare to get people to vaxjab themselves and their kids.


DisneyWorld employs 58,000 people in Orlando. Roughly 46,500 people visit the park per day for a total of 104,500.

We have 70 cases so far, or 1 case for every 1493 people working at or visiting the park in any given day. That's a high number for measles in general, but then again, 47 MILLION people visit the park each year. If we are talking 70 cases in a year, we are talking 79 out of 47,104,500, or one case in 672,921 (LOL!).

It gets worse. Nowhere in the article is it asserted all 70 cases come from 2015, so to be fair to Disney, we are probably talking about 2014 cases too when we mention the magic number of 70. Then we have to multiply by two and we get one case of measles out of 1,345,842 visitors/workers.

Divide this number by 100k, and you get 13.42. Now go to the causes of death by rate, and you find you are more likely to DIE of stomach cancer than to contract measles at Disney.

Just this year… A Measles Outbreak Was Traced to A Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time


Get the measles vaccine, and you won’t get the measles—or give it to anyone else. Right? Well, not always. A person fully vaccinated against measles contracted the disease and passed it on to others. The startling case study contradicts received wisdom about the vaccine and suggests that a recent swell of measles outbreaks in developed nations could mean more illnesses even among the vaccinated.

China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? The obvious answer is the the measles vaccines are simply NOT effective. 

BUT, BUT, But the Measles Vaccine Saved us…. Uh… Well… not really!

Look how mortality rates were dropping way before the vaccine was even introduced. Pretty sure this had to do with public sanitation and hygiene, not the vaxcrap snake juice we've been sold on. Bah!



A recent study published in PLoS titled, “Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination,” has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of two measles vaccines (measles–rubella (MR) or measles–mumps–rubella(MMR) ) in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.

Another study published this year (January 2015) in the Journal of Pediatrics found that vaccines are linked to SIDS!!!!

It's amazing how on one end parents are placed under intense pressure and scrutiny to vaccinate their kids. They are told that refraining from vaccinating their infants or children will greatly increase their risk of dying or being disabled. Worse, they are increasingly labeled as ‘crazy' and ‘irresponsible' anti-vaccine zealots who are putting the lives of others in danger.

But what happens when the actual evidence from the scientific and clinical literature produced by these very agencies contradicts their own vaccine policies?

This is exactly what has happened with the publication of a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics titled ,”Adverse Events following Haemophilus influenzae Type b Vaccines in the Vaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem, 1990-2013,” wherein CDC and FDA researchers identify 749 deaths linked to the administration of the Hib vaccine, 51% of which were sudden infant death linked to the administration of Hib vaccine.

VAERS received 29,747 reports after Hib vaccines; 5179 (17%) were serious, including 896 reports of deaths. Median age was 6 months (range 0-10.22 months). Sudden infant death syndrome was the stated cause of death in 384 (51%) of 749 death reports with autopsy/death certificate records. The most common non death serious AE categories were neurologic (80; 37%), other noninfectious (46; 22%) (comprising mainly constitutional signs and symptoms); and gastrointestinal (39; 18%) conditions. No new safety concerns were identified after clinical review of reports of AEs that exceeded the data mining statistical threshold.

This callous disregard for the evidence — evidence that clearly shows the CDC misrepresents the safety of the HiB vaccine — speaks to the blind investment in vaccine policy decisions over human wellbeing. Millions of parents have listened to the CDC and FDA and believed that these vaccines not only work but are safe. Informed consent requires those undergoing a quasi-mandatory medical intervention like vaccination to know the true risks associated with it. Failing to do so is clearly a violation of this medical ethical protection against being abused, and in some cases disabled and even killed.

That's just Ri-DAN-culous!

-Dr. Dan