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We are just 1 month away from half of the year over and done with! And before you know it, News Years will be upon us once again. This brings me to my big question this month… what do you have to show for it?

Have you lived up to your resolutions? Are you better today than you were at the end of 2012?

This month we will be offering many opportunities to get back on track…from weight loss seminars and ways to improve personal nutrition, to personal fitness challenges and a chance to address health concerns that have been in the back your mind.

We will also be having a referral contest and I need your help deciding what to give away.

We are planning a referral contest for the month of May and we've got 3 prizes lined up.  Which one do you think we should use?

1. Large 7-Serving Foreman Grill

2. Gift Car to Whole Foods

3. Amazon Kindle Fire HD