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Life Coaching

The causes of your personal challenges are not always evident; neither are the solutions. That's why a Life Coach can be vital to your success.
life coach austin tx

Why Life Coaching?

Why else should we life if it wasn't mean to experience love, joy, and fulfillment in this life. The main aim of Life Coaching is to help an individual achieve their goals with real, action step oriented solutions. In your first life coaching session you will walk away with useful information that can be implemented immediately. If you have relationship or marriage problems or would simply like a personal life coach to hold you accountable for a project, we can help!

How it Works

  • Step One
The first step is to determine whether you need help? Ask yourself – are you ready to change what is not working? If not, when?

Of course, if you are ready to change – then contact our office and let us know you're interested in Life Coaching & training.

During your initial visit, you will decide what outcome you want- what would make the most difference for your life right now. Our life coach will be available to help you make that decision.

  • Step Two
In the first few sessions, you will develop a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, what is in the way of your having accomplished this, what resources are missing, and self-sabbotage that may be occuring.

As your sessions progress, you may also be exposed to biofeedback training to help you take control of your body (blood pressure, heart rate, etc..)

  • Step Three
You review your desired outcome and notice that it has been achieved or that significant progress towards that outcome has been achieved.

At the end of sessions, you may have tasks to repeat or do during the following seven days to ensure that your brain integrates the new learnings you have created.

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