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The power that made your body is the same power that heals your body.  By design, your body is Healthy.  It's up to you to keep it that way!  This is an idea that we are constantly reminding patients about every day at Family Health Chiropractic. The best definition of health is optimal cell function. Ultimately, the brain, spinal cord and  nerves are what control function.  This is why taking care  of your spine is such an important role in health.  If you provide the elements that cells require for function and avoid those elements that are toxic by nature – you have the best chance of experiencing your true health potential.

Water is also at the top of that list; water is one of those essential elements. Water is IT!


For me, it's much easier to stay hydrated in the sizzling summer, but it’s important year round, even in the cold winter. In fact, at a time when our immune systems are compromised, we tend to decrease water intake and increase toxins.  Symptoms of dehydration include constipation, dizziness, fatigue as well as skin, hair and nail issues. But like all essential elements, water should not be thought of as a “treatment” for dehydration or a way to avoid constipation; but rather a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. A

The daily requirement for water will vary according to your body weight. A good rule of thumb or best practice is to consume at least 50 % of your body weight (lbs) in fluid ounces of water (and an additional 50% in healthy food choices – fruits and vegetables).

Optimally we should drink pure spring water from an our own well/land. The best water source for the modern city dweller is Reverse Osmosis,.

The trend in healthier water consciousness today has led to an unfortunate trade off for the environment – plastic pollution. Millions of plastic bottles end up in andfills and in the oceans every day. In fact, there are “islands” of plastic flotsam clustered on the surface of the Pacific Ocean now that are so large that they show up on ships’ radar. One such cluster, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is reported to be larger than the state of Texas – and growing.

We have a solution to both problems. Buy a cool canteen. A great “Best Practices” in maintaining health is to invest in a re-useable stainless steel canteen. In our practice we found that when patients purchase a non-disposable canteen that they love they keep it (and their water supply) with them at all times. This increases water intake substantially. You get all the health benefits – saving yourself – and the planet, all at once. 

Summary Points:

  • Consume 50 %(+) of body weight in oz. of pure water
  • Reduce caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages
  • Eliminate added salt