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Whoa….very cool posture device :)


New Version Just Released! Free Shipping in the US on the Revolutionary LUMOback Posture and Activity Coach!

The device is built on the world’s most sensitive, single sensor algorithmic model for detecting human motion in space, the Lumo Body Technology Platform. This technology enables the Lumo Lift to detect physical activity like steps and calories, and the wearer’s body position and movements.

“There is a massive and growing population of men and women who invest a great deal of time, money and care into making sure they look and feel their very best every day. These are the people who work out, eat well and take steps to further their personal and professional growth,” said Lumo BodyTech Co-Founder and CEO Monisha Perkash. “These big efforts matter, but small changes like pulling your shoulders back, engaging your core and lifting your head can make all the difference in how you present yourself to others. Lumo Lift is the only wearable device that can watch your upper body position and remind you to stand tall and move powerfully throughout the day. Over time this builds both muscle memory and confidence in Lumo Lift wearers.”
“Presenting your most attractive and powerful face to the world starts with how you hold your body,” said Lumo BodyTech Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, psychiatrist Charles Wang, M.D. “But it doesn’t end there – how you look and feel depends largely on how you move, One of Lumo Lift’s most powerful features is that it issues real-time vibratory or mobile device feedback reminding wearers to stand up, move around or get into the power position. It also tracks activity trends over time, helping users set and achieve their movement goals.”