Are Foods or Chemicals Making You Sick? Undiagnosed food sensitivities are very common in our society and are often at the root of a variety of debilitating chronic health conditions

A true food allergy is not the same as a food sensitivity, which is also known as a food intolerance. Food allergy creates an immediate and pronounced response, while reactions from food sensitivity or food intolerance are usually delayed or hidden and the symptoms are not as recognizable.

Food allergies can be identified rather easily with standard testing from a physician, however food sensitivity is rarely addressed, because it exists without IgE antibodies and is not detected in standard allergy testing. Food sensitivity occurs when the naturally occurring chemical composition of the food eaten has a direct negative effect on the brain or body.

The ALCAT Test Determines Individual Bio-Specific Foods in which Enables you to Tailor to your Nutrition

Undiagnosed food sensitivity can result in an array of physical and psychological symptoms and conditions. Here are a few of the most common:
celiac disease/gluten intolerance
weight gain or inability to lose weight
extreme fatigue
anxiety (can range from mild to that seen in anxiety or panic attacks)
chronic pain
depression ( can range from mild melancholy to suicide)
irritable bowel
gallbladder attacks
headaches and migraines
gastrointestinal distress
bed wetting

Here’s How it Works
1. You order the ALCAT test kit you desire from the list below.

If you go over to the ALCAT website for further information, be sure to come back here to place your order for your test kit, because I offer this test for you at a very significant discount.
My kits are between $75 and $200 off the retail price depending on which package you choose, and I provide a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your results and help you design a diet that will manage your sensitivities.

2. Your kit is sent to you at your home. It includes the following:

–3 vials
–Prepaid Federal Express shipping pack with pickup service
–Requisition Form
–Shipping collection and instructions

3. You take your kit to a local blood draw location or doctors office to have your blood drawn.

You may go to any lab you desire. If you have health limitations that prevent you from making a trip to a blood draw center, a mobile blood draw in your home or office can be arranged for you at an additional charge of $45. If this is needed, please indicate your need in the notes section when you order your kit.

4. You send your kit to the ALCAT lab in the prepaid Federal Express package.

5. You’ll receive a detailed, yet user friendly lab report explaining your test results in depth, a rotation meal plan and nutritional information mailed directly to you at your home.

Additionally, if you prefer, I will send you your results to you by email as well.

6. If you’ve ordered your kit through this page, you’ll also get a free 30 minute phone consultation.

So once you receive your results, give me a call or an email to set up your appointment.