If you're havin posture problems, I feel bad for you son, 99 problems and I know an Austin Chiropractor who can help fix some!

Bad posture means that your body is slumped over.  This results in your rib cage compressing on your diaphragm and your muscles no longer operate at peak efficiency.  When muscles lose their efficiency, there is not enough oxygen entering the blood stream, which means not enough oxygen is entering the brain.  Decreased oxygen in the brain = decreased function.  The brain controls all bodily functions.  So bad posture can adversely effect all body functions.  The good news is that improving posture, improves bodily function; even the ability to lose weight.

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If your posture is abnormal- you'll develop headaches, neck pain, back pain, bodily joint pain, fatigue, and you are not going to lose weight the way you would like to. This is probably why people who use an elliptical machine rarely lose the weight where they want to most. Sure, they're burning calories, but not efficiently. You’re not moving toxins through your lymphatic (system) you’re not working your hips, your lower abdomen — the areas that are the most stubborn for weight loss.

Here's a simple test at home to see if you have bad posture.

  • Stand in front of a mirror
  • Look at yourself and see how you look. Is one hip higher than the other?
  • Is there more space between your left arm and left hip than your right arm and right hip?
  • Is a shoulder lower?
  • Maybe one knee looks closer to the ground than the other.
  • Now stand up with your back against a wall.  Does the back of  your  head touch the wall? If not, you have forward head posture (deadly).

There are simple steps people can take to correct bad posture. If you feel that you have bad posture, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for a screening.