[dcwsb inline=”true”]Family Chiropractic Care for Spine Health in Austin Texas

Bad posture is a modern day health epidemic.  Every where you go- people exhibit the signs of accelerated spine decay due to poor posture and biomechanics.  What's interesting is that while everyone knows they have bad posture, no one does anything about it.  I am told all the time, “I know mine is bad,” while they laugh it off and walk away.  Cut it out.  It's not funny.  Poor posture is a serious condition that leads to serious devastation.  It’s much worse than most people realize. Posture is the window into your spine. As a family chiropractic center, Family Health Chiropractic understands this. This is why Austin Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Gonzalez teaches his patients that the spine has a intimate relationship with your brain, spinal cord, and overall organ function.

This powerful connection means that poor posture and spinal health leads to an overall decrease in brain and organ function.  Family Health Chiropractic can help restore your body’s natural ability to move freely.  Get adjusted!