[dcwsb inline=”true”][quote style=”boxed”]Drugs are now the No. 1 accidental killer in the U.S., with the vast majority of deaths caused by prescription meds.[/quote]

Deadly Pills

An article published in PEOPLE magazine recently shared what every total health Chiropractor on the planet tries to share with their patients: Drugs are Deadly, Prescription or Over-the-counter.

“The statistics are staggering, the medicines powerful and highly addictive: This year more Americans will die of drug over-doses than in any other type of accident – including car crashes. In most cases, those deaths are caused by pills in many people's medicine cabinets given to them by trusted doctors, left over from routine surgeries or prescribed to manage chronic conditions. ”

According to Dr. Leonard Paulozzi of the CDC, “Prescription drug overdoses are a serious nationwide problem for which we haven't yet found a solution.”