It's easy for people to limit the scope and benefit of Chiropractic care to the confines of simple back and neck pain relief. For over 122 years, people have been benefiting from chiropractic care in all areas of health; including pain relief.

However, chiropractors and scientists who study the spine and nervous system continue to expand on over 122 years’ worth of data and research proving that proactively caring for the spine and nervous system far exceeds outcomes limited by a medical model of sick care. The benefits of Chiropractic care may begin with pain relief but expand much further into an arenas of health improvements that unlock the body’s potential for optimal function and surpasses the use of drugs and surgery as a primary care option.

Using Chiropractic care for simple pain relief equates to buying an iPhone for the purpose of only using the calculator. We all know that the functional capacity of the newest wave of smart phones makes the presence of a calculator a mere afterthought.

The same is true with simply getting adjusted when you hurt. The value of a Chiropractic adjustment far exceeds the limits imposed by someone pursuing back and neck pain relief. The spine maintains an intimate connection with the central nervous system. The function of every organ within the body runs directly through the oversight of the central nervous system. Spinal alignment and movement allows the central nervous system to properly communicate and control the health of all cells, tissues, and organs. Communication becomes hindered if any part of the spine becomes subluxated or unable to experience proper range of motion. Therefore, an optimally functioning nervous system goes hand in hand with a properly aligned and mobile spine.

A recent medical study evaluated the relationship between spinal health and the health of female organ function. One of many reported outcomes of the study stated that an abnormal spinal shift that reduces the curvature of the lower (lumbar) part of the spine results in an increased threat of pelvic organ prolapse. Countless other studies and research prove similarly deteriorating organ function when areas of the spine begin to degenerate from poor health and maintenance.

Chiropractors focus on the detection and correction of small and subtle misalignment's in the spine to improve spinal health and body function. Subluxations are like cavities. Unless you're getting checked, it's hard to know they're developing and when you finally realize you've got a problem; much of the damage and decay has been done.

We should teach people to be proactive in their prevention and how to recognize a problem when the progression requires intervention. Every adjustment gently facilitates improved movement and better alignment of the vertebrae. Restoring motion improves brain function by reducing stress from the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system directs healing of virtually every organ and tissue and compounding research details why Chiropractic adjustments continue becoming more well-known for their influence on organ function.

The medical model of health care continues to fluidly change with the development of new drugs and new procedures that later become hindered by side effects and more advanced technology. The Chiropractic model of health care consistently educates about the importance of pursuing a healthy, natural relationship between the spine and central nervous system in order to minimize the need for medical and pharmaceutical intervention. Millions of people of all ages experience the health benefits of safe, effective Chiropractic care. The results of nervous system care do not equate to the temporary relief of drugs and expensive pills that mask symptoms for a short time – only to return. Chiropractic adjustments unlock the healing potential within the body and allow the body to restore health and function from the inside out. Chiropractors invite every family to experience the proactive health care model that offers a life of maximized function and vitality. Healthy family plans include Chiropractic care.