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Stop Candida Naturally


Stop Candida Naturally [dcwsb inline="true"] Did you know that you can Stop Candida Naturally? Candida is a type of yeast that has quite the reputation for causing fungal infections. It is associated with thrush, vaginal yeast infections, nail infections, and skin and stomach issues. Candida is not entirely a bad thing; a small amount exists [...]

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Are Flu Vaccines a Scam?


Are Flu Vaccines a Scam? [dcwsb inline="true"] Every autumn, we hear the encouragement to rush to the pharmacy or a doctor’s office and get our annual flu vaccination. Getting vaccinated for influenza has become a staple in our public healthy routine within the US –advertised abundantly through pharmacy store signs, television, and doctor recommendations. With [...]

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8 Natural Ways to Manage Parkinsons


8 Natural Ways to Manage Parkinson’s Disease [dcwsb inline="true"] Parkinson’s disease is a gradually developing disorder of the nervous system. It is characterized by the damage to brain cells that produce dopamine, which help the body move. The symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors or shaking, rigid muscles, slow movement, speech changes, and impaired balance. There [...]

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Just Say No to Birth Control


Just Say No to Birth Control [dcwsb inline="true"] Birth control has grown in popularity over the last two decades with many women using it at some point in their lifetime. Coming in many forms, birth control is most often used to prevent unwanted pregnancy but it is also commonly used to help regulate menstrual cycles [...]

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Relieve Menopause Naturally


Relieve Menopause Naturally [dcwsb inline="true"] Unlike any disease or ailment, menopause is something that every woman will have to experience.  Fortunately you can relieve menopause naturally. It is a natural biological process that occurs at an average of 51 years of age but can also occur in mid to late 40s as well. Menopause is [...]

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GMO Foods Are Harmful and Disney Grows Them!


GMO Foods are Harmful and Disney Grows Them [dcwsb inline="true"] There has been much controversy over the subject of GMO (genetically modified organisms) food and the harm they may cause to our health. While there are some corporations that support genetically enhanced foods, there has also been a lot of worry on the long term [...]

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Foods That Give Us Energy


Foods that Give Us Energy [dcwsb inline="true"] Click to Download It’s really unfortunate that the vast majority of the population turns to stimulants instead of looking to whole foods for a boost of invigorating energy. I guess part of the problem is that humans are generally lazy and would rather take [...]

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The Truth about Supplements!


The Truth About Supplements! [dcwsb inline="true"] If you're someone concerned with leading a healthy life, making use of supplements is actually stepping away from "natural living", since we have access to the real source of every single vitamin, mineral and nutrients our body needs: Real Food! Now, I agree that supplements are a great way [...]

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Fish Oil is The Most Important Supplement


[dcwsb inline="true"] Fish oil or Omega 3 Fatty Acids have been promoted as a potential cure for virtually all diseases -- but the latest study says it can cause Cancer.  Don't believe it.  First off, valid scientific decisions are made on bodies of valid evidence from controlled trials showing cause and effect not on single correlational [...]

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