10 Best Natural Headache Relief Remedies


Do you suffer from headaches? Are you trying to get headache relief with over the counter medications such as Aspirin or NSAID's? If so, you might want  checkout the information I'm sharing below. As I've discussed before, taking over the counter medications can be pretty dangerous for your body. A headache is really just a [...]

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Save Yourself From Cluster Headaches


Cluster Headaches have been described as the "worst pain known to medical science". Of course it's hard to really quantify that statement. How the do you know if you're experiencing cluster headaches? Here's a few ways that it's been described by actual patients: "Like a really really strong pressure, and then there’s a kind of burning [...]

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How to Naturally Treat Tension Headaches


The "Everyday" Headache, also known as tension headaches occur when there is uncomfortable tightness or pressure around the entire head. It's estimated that up to 80 percent of the adult U.S. population suffers from at least occasional tension headaches, with around 3 percent experiencing chronic daily tension headaches. This should be no surprise given the [...]

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How to Naturally Treat Migraine Headaches


Different Types of Headaches When it comes to headaches, there are two categories: Primary Headaches and Secondary Headaches. Primary headaches are any form of headache that is not caused by a serious medical condition. These types of headaches include: migraine, cluster, trigeminal and tension headaches. Secondary headaches are headaches caused by some other health disorder or [...]

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All About Headaches & When to See a Doctor


You're Going About Your Day and Then BAM... You've got a HEADACHE. You suddenly feel like a tight, rubber band is squeezing your head so hard that it might pop! Or maybe you have those periodic headaches... with nausea, sensitivity to light and sound. Maybe it's not even in your head... but pain that is [...]

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