How to Avoid the Flu with Chiropractic Care


Most people under the age of 75 have likely never heard of the Influenza epidemic of 1918. You’d think more schools would teach about it and try to use what happened as a means to promote healthy living, disease prevention, and how to avoid the flu. The 1917 - 1918 influenza epidemic swept silently [...]

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10 Medications with Black Box Warnings You Should Know About


In 2018, a record-breaking 59 novel drugs were approved for the treatment covering a wide range of diseases, bringing hope to scores of health sufferers around the world. This is more than a twofold increase from the decade prior, which saw only 24 new drug approvals. And while the rise in the production and [...]

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The 10 Most Deadly Diseases in the World


Last week I talked about Why Men Don't Live As Long as Women. This week, I'd like to shift gears and talk about the 10 Most Deadly Diseases in the World (at least according to the World Health Organization). After seeing their report, I can identify. For several years, I've been practicing Functional Medicine [...]

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Men’s Health & Why They Don’t Live As Long As Women


Everywhere in the world women live longer than men – but this was not always the case. The available data from rich countries shows that women didn’t live longer than men in the 19th century. So why do women live so much longer than men today, and why has this advantage increased over time? Well, we know [...]

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How to Naturally Prevent Osteoporosis


So many people have been taught that osteoporosis is a normal result of aging and not having enough calcium. However, the truth is that age and low calcium are not the only risk factor for osteoporosis. In fact, age isn’t as big of a risk factor as hormone imbalance or poor nutrient status. Osteoporosis [...]

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The Best and Worst Core Exercises


Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Core Exercises are a topic that undoubtedly comes up when someone struggles with back pain or is interested in strengthening their spine. Back injuries are the most common of all orthopedic injuries and they happen in gyms and the workplace quite a bit. Unfortunately, when someone hurts their [...]

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Five Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Adjusted Regularly Chiropractic Adjustments are small, specific forces directed to the spine to restore proper movement and function. In this article we share 5 scientific papers highlighting the significant of chiropractic adjustments. 1. The Spinal Cord Impacts Disease Processes The work [...]

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