How to Pick the Best Mattress

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Back pain is a common symptom that many people deal with. Without relief, even the most minimal of tasks can feel like they require a herculean effort when suffering through back pain. There are a few different causes for this type of discomfort but the main culprit for many is a badly chosen mattress. When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, the large array of options available can make the process a daunting one.

The main cause of back pain is sleeping on a surface that doesn’t provide adequate support. In the lower back, the lumbar spine is curved into a C-shape. When that curve starts getting pushed out of shape by pressure on the bones and muscles in the back, it can cause chronic pain. Support of the shoulders and head are also important because pressure in that area can lead to upper back pain, neck pain, and even cause headaches. Choosing a mattress that provides support to the hips, shoulders, and neck is important for eliminating the pressure that causes pain

There are many types of mattresses. The most common is the innerspring mattress, which consists of metal coil springs between two sheets of padding. There are variations in material, price, and firmness but it is considered the most durable and long lasting mattress. However, they’re known to be a contributor to back pain since some types of innerspring mattresses don’t provide the right support. 

Memory foam mattresses are growing in popularity. They are made of layers of foam that mold to the contour of the sleeper and eases stress on the pressure points. Due to the ability to mold to whomever is laying on them, foam mattresses are very good for support. However, they are much more expensive than innerspring mattresses and sadly, do not last as long before needing to be replaced. Recently, there has also been some worry about the chemicals used in the production of foam mattresses and the effect it may have on those who are in contact with them on a nightly basis.

Although not as popular, latex mattresses have received some attention for being able to relieve back pain. They are made with either synthetic or natural rubber and are very firm. Depending on what the cause of the back pain is, latex mattresses may be helpful but since they are so firm, there’s also a chance that they may cause back pain due to putting too much pressure on the hips and shoulders.

In contrast to latex mattresses, a waterbed tends to lack any firmness. Chambers within the waterbed may be added in the design to give a little more firmness to the bed. Although waterbeds don’t provide enough support to prevent back pain, the effect of weightlessness and the ability to be heated may be helpful to people suffering from back pain due to another cause, such as an injury.

A mattress that is too soft can cause pain because it doesn’t offer enough support to the sleeper while a mattress that is too firm can put too much pressure on the body and also cause pain. The ideal mattress for most people is something in between. A medium-firm mattress with at least an inch and a half of padding on the top is considered to be the best for preventing soreness and back pain. However, everyone has different needs when it comes to support and those needs change with age so fully trying out a mattress by laying on it for five to ten minutes before buying one is the best way to determine which one is best suited.