[dcwsb inline=”true”] Flu Vaccinations are Silly

Like Lobotomies and bloodletting, Vaccinations are just another crazy medical procedure…and years from now, peeps will eventually realize it.

I personally will never and have never vaccinated my children and they're super healthy. I get asked all the time “Should I vaccinate”…my opinion is “No”…but the 1st question that comes to mind is “How Healthy are you and your family?”…do you eat clean, exercise daily (get genetically congruent equivalents of movement) and get adjusted regularly (have a strong functioning nervous system), if so- then NO, you don't need a vaccination.  But if you fail to do these things, then you are exposed to so much stress because you are not living the way you were designed to live.

Is universal flu vaccination in babies and children saving lives? See http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr54/nvsr54_13.pdf page 32 to confirm the 2003 data on this graphic.

Note the naysayers who claim we are trying to “mislead” with our “agenda” – is just entertaining.

I will not make the decision for you and your family to vaccinate, but I am not afraid to give you truth.  You don't have to like it, just live it :)