As a chiropractor I've been called many things in my career. Starting with, “You’re not a real doctor?” to “You guys are just quacks” are a couple of fun ones that come to mind. The other day a new name was given to me… “weird.” I thought that was an interesting comment and have been thinking about it because I'm sure a lot of people think that chiropractors in general are weird.

I wondered why we are considered weird? Are we weird because we acknowledge there is an intelligence that in 280 days took a sperm and egg cells that you would need a high power microscope to see and made 100 trillion from them, including every organ, tissue, cell, and chemical a person would ever need in their life, over 60 kilometres of nerves to convey messages from the brain, with the end result being a perfectly functioning human being? This same intelligence then continues to create, run and heal this person on a daily basis throughout the rest of their life. Is that weird?

Is it weird that we think the nervous system controls every function of the body even though that's what Grey's Anatomy textbook states too?

Is it weird that we think the brain is the master coordinator of our whole body and the intelligence within it knows infinitely more than all the greatest doctors in the world put together in one room about what each cell in our bodies need on a second to second basis?

Is it weird that we think an obstruction to the communication lines between the brain and the tissue cells could cause an interruption, creating a lack of ease in the body or what we might call a dis-ease, which if left in this altered state evolves into disease?

Is it weird to think that removing these obstructions results in improved communications between the brain and the body, resulting in better health and more potential?

If indeed this is weird to you, then I wholeheartedly qualify as a “weird” person!

On the other hand im going to tell you what “I” think is weird…

Approximately 9 months into this creative masterpiece we call human life, the doctor tells the mother to make an appointment to come in so he can induce labour and take the baby on Thursday at 9:45am, because it's “safer that way”.

Within minutes after birth, the same doctor injects chemicals into the infant because they know what the baby needs better than the intelligence that made it in the first place.

Within the first year we inject toxic poisons like mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, cells from aborted fetal tissue, cells from monkey kidneys, chicken embryos, viruses, antibiotics, yeast, Polysorbate 80, detergents, etc. not just once but 26 times, because the doctor knows what's best for that baby. By the time this baby turns 6 this procedure will have been repeated 48 more times. It's a fact that if you dump those ingredients into the Hudson river, you could be arrested for dumping toxic wastes in the public water way, more than probably a terrorist act!

By the time a child reaches his teens, 30% of them are on prescription medication, usually for the rest of their lives. 8,000,000 of them are put on mind altering drugs because they have “too much energy” “too much enthusiasm” “too much imagination” (by the way, Einstein was kicked out of school for the same thing). These same drugs are in the same classification category as cocaine, but here is the kicker, cocaine is dangerous and a pharmaceutical drug is somehow “safe and effective.”

We are conditioned that if we don't hurt, we're healthy, even though we could have any number of chronic diseases without showing any symptom, including: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney failure, cirrhosis of liver, heart disease, cancer, etc.

And once we develop a symptom, we run to the doctor to have him give us a symptom “cover-upper”, so we feel better and think, “I'm healthy again.” This is like removing the batteries from the fire alarm so it stops beeping!

As adults one out of five people are on psychiatric drugs. A whopping 70% of adults are on a slew of other prescription medications that we have to divide up into a pill box because there are so many of them we can't remember which ones to take on which day.

We watch commercials that tell us up front that these medications can cause 10 times the amount of pain and side effects (including death) than what they are supposed to be helping, yet we run out and find the nearest doctor that will prescribe them.

And when the pills quit working, we just cut out the offending part because we don't have time to mess with it because I am just too “busy” to look after my liver, kidney or brain. 

And after all the years of pain, suffering, medications, testing, surgeries, missing body parts, indignity, and potential life lost, we end up in a nursing home spending over $120,000 a year to get our diapers changed play bingo.

While I think this is a really weird and demented way of thinking, most people call this a way of life.

…and you think I'm weird

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